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Social Support


We provide a range of services for eligible HACC clients our Home and Community Care services are supported by funding from the Commonwealth and Victorian State Governments. 


Telecare provides beneficial support to those who live in their own homes by the receiving of a morning call from our volunteers, on a morning that the recipient specifies. This service is important and throughout the year we have had occasions when we made further checks on the clients who did not answer the phone call made to them. This service is free and provides the recipient not only a chance to have a social conversation, it provides the security for the person receiving the call and/or their family. It is reassuring in knowing that someone will ring on the days chosen.


Telelink is a conference call that recipients receive in the comfort of their own home. A facilitator links each person together in a conference system that enables everyone to hear and participate in a social chat. This service is free and provides the opportunity to speak and listen to a group of friends.

If you know anyone who might benefit from our services please ring the centre to speak with Susy Dodd to find out more about these and our other services, Friendly Visiting and the Talking Casterton News.



We hold a selection of Brochures and Pamphlets on the various services available.