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Adult Education


Conducted: Day Workshop


Celt Training Centre - 79 Henty Street 
Casterton 3311

Fees: $65.00 Conc $60.00

An introductory level course on how to handle difficult situations and conflict.
Day Workshop.

Students will look at different personalities & behaviours styles.

Discussion of area’s where conflict or disagreements often occurs- workplace, meetings or Social Media.

You will learn how to listen and develop plans to deal with and help in the resolution of conflict.

Tutor Jenni James
Enrolments now open


Course Code: 21VOCLEARNOL

Conducted: TBA


Returning to study can be a daunting prospect for many. Education providers now use both face to face classes and online platforms in their teaching methods.

This course is designed to introduce participants to current learning and teaching methods and will combine face to face classes and online sessions to build confidence and understanding in readiness to going on to TAFE or University.

Download course brochure for more information.

Fees: $65.00 Conc $60.00

Contact us for enrolment options.

Tutor - Jenni James

Course Code: 21VOCDRVBUSSM

Conducted: TBA


Online - Classroom Option 
Celt training Centre, 79 Henty Street. Casterton \

Fees: $80.00

TEACHER PROFILE: Amanda Jarrad currently lives & works in Melbourne & will be joining us online for the duration of the course

This course increases your employability through gaining skills in marketing and communications, which are applicable across industries. Enhances communication skills through interacting with customers in the form of online communications & learn how to craft communications based on specific outcomes of converting posts into sales. Experience using technology in the form of online platforms and social media on various devices. Introduction to basic skills in creating graphics and using online tools to achieve professional visual presentation of business. Increasing small business owners’ capacity for profitability in their business by increasing their marketing communications skills.

Contact us on: 03 55812139

Enrolments Open Jan 2021


Conducted: On Line


You can do this course AT HOME from your Home Computer. 
or Old Courthouse Community Centre 
31 Henty Street


Fees: Free

Follow up course for Seniors that might need basic assistance in using and managing Mobile Phone & Tablets. e.g. I pads etc

Course Code: 21VOCRTNEMP

Conducted: By Arrangement


The Old Courthouse Community Centre

Fees: $80.00

Ideal course for thoses who are interested in learning new skills in the area or Customer Relations,  Office Administration and using new technology.

Course Code: 20VOCSEWSKL

Conducted: TBA


Old Courthouse Community Centre
31 Henty Street

Fees: $65.00 Conc $60.00

This Couse is learning the Old Sewing Skills using new and modern machines.

The course will introduce learners to sewing skills and to incorporate other skills into what is required starting a Small or Home business or gaining meaningful employment.
> Sewing
>Customer Relations

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As a Learn Local organisation funded through the Victorian State Government we can can help students return to study, improve your skills, gain a pathway to further study, get a job or learn something new. 

Our fees and charges are modest and we have the added bonus to ensure that class numbers are generally based on six participants.

Tutors have a sound knowledge of the course content and are able to encourage, support and enlighten students in the knowledge required to successfully complete their chosen course.

Take a look at our current brochure and the course outline information to see if what we are offering is just what you are looking for to improve your skills or learn something new.


Throughout the year we record ideas for the following year’s delivery plan, have your say and let us know of the areas of pre-accredited training you are interest by ringing 03 55812139 and speak with a staff member.